Cannot install libperconaserverclient21: unmet dependencies

OS: Debian 10

I enabled the “pxc-80” and “original” repositories and successfully installed cluster version 8.0.21-12. However, when attempting to install “libperconaserverclient21”, I’m getting:

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
libperconaserverclient21 : Depends: percona-xtradb-cluster-common (= 1:8.0.20-11-1.buster) but 1:8.0.21-12-1.buster is to be installed

So it would seem like the libperconaserverclient21 package is still at 8.0.20-11 and hasn’t been updated? Isn’t this an upstream issue, or am I terribly missing something here? Many thanks!

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hi @Liviu_Chircu
Thanks for your report.
The issue is fixed now.