Cannot connect to QAN API. Cannot read property 'hasOwnProperty' of null

Hello, When i use Percona Query Analytic i get this error. “Cannot connect to QAN API.” QAN2 and Metric Monitor work fine. Collect from Performance Schema PMM 1.2.2 version. Does anyone already met with such error?

Browser console:
angular.js:12808 TypeError: Cannot read property ‘hasOwnProperty’ of null
at controllers.js?v=v1.2.2:365
at angular.js:15122
at n.$eval (angular.js:16384)
at n.$digest (angular.js:16200)
at n.$apply (angular.js:16492)
at g (angular.js:10872)
at A (angular.js:11070)
at XMLHttpRequest.e (angular.js:11021)
at t (angular.js:11060)
at e (angular.js:5764)