Cannot compile Percona XtraBackup 8.0.31-24 with procps/procps-ng 4.xx

When attempting to compile the latest XtraBackup from source, It errors with the following during the compile.

 [ 95%] Building CXX object storage/innobase/xtrabackup/src/CMakeFiles/xtrabackup.dir/
 /tmp/percona-xtrabackup- fatal error: proc/sysinfo.h: No such file or directory
   26 | #include <proc/sysinfo.h>

It looks like procps/procps-ng 4.xx is a rewrite and doesn’t include a /usr/include/procps directory but instead a new /usr/include/libproc2 directory with a bunch of different files (no sysinfo.h). I found an older version (3.3.17) and it compiled without issue. Could Percona please make Xtrabackup compatible with the newer procps/procps-ng 4.xx version?

Hi boris,

Thanks you. I’ll forward this to the team. But just as a reminder, you can file a bug if you find an issue like this on our jira.

Could you post here the operating system related information? distribution, version…



I meet the same problem too.

Hi @zhaodongsheng1993 / @boris

As @Pep_Pla mentioned - Which operational system are you seeing this issue? I want to understand the changes on procps in order to fix it.

For reference:

FYI: [PXB-2993] make PXB compatible with procps-4 - Percona JIRA