can not use innobackupex

Hi everyone,
I’m using xtrabackup 2.2.9 and mysql 5.1.73.
I tried to used innobackupex command:
innobackupex --ibbackup=xtrabackup --user=root --password=abc /home/backupInno/base/
and I got this error: I tried to read some advice but nothing help me fix this bug. Please help me.
innobackupex: got a fatal error with the following stacktrace: at /usr/bin/innobackupex line 4754
main::check_server_version() called at /usr/bin/innobackupex line 1541
innobackupex: Error: Built-in InnoDB in MySQL 5.1 is not supported in this release. You can either use Percona XtraBackup 2.0, or upgrade to InnoDB plugin.

As suggested by innobackupex, try to use Percona XtraBackup 2.0 and try running the backup again.

hi jrivera,
Thanks for your advice.
I did it.