BUG: pt-align loses data

Be warned that if you use pt-align, it may not always show you all the rows that you put in.

When I first installed the percona-toolkit I was especially excited about pt-align, which allows me to reformat any tabular output on the screen like say the output all servers uptime in a format where I can see all the load in one column (cat alldb | pdsh -w - uptime | pt-align).

However just today I ran into a situation where it just drops a row, so it looks like I should not lean on the tool without double checking for that.

centos 6.3 / percona-toolkit-2.1.2-1.noarch

I attached the two files, the second is created by ‘cat before_ptalign.txt | pt-align’ and is missing one of the lines in the middle with the ‘2 min’.

[URL]https://bugs.launchpad.net/percona-toolkit/+bug/1028159[/URL] is maybe related. I was going to add a bug but then it did not accept my openid from yahoo to log in and I already created one account today to post this, I am done with creating accounts for today.