broken backups

My name’s Evgeniy and I have next question:
I have two scripts in crontab that launch 1-rst innobackupex to make the full backup(in the start of the week) and the second one - for icremental per day (Tue - Sat), so I wonder what happens if MySQL crashed (or happens something else) when innobackupex make inremental/full backup?
Or I have a full backup and next incremental that is broken how the next day incremental will be created?
Thanks a lot!

I would assume that the next incremental backup will have to check from the last successful incremental backup to check the lsn, if there are no successful incremental backups since then it will have to look for the last full backup. You must have it configure to make sure your script catches these nuances.

I found some option - but I can’t understand how it works!
If I wrong, please correct me:
Additionally I must have the PERCONA_SCHEMA.xtrabackup_history in my MYSQL server?
And when I launch the

It’s done! I got it)
Thanks a lot!