Binlog to S3 support in Percona Operator for MySQL


I noted that the Percona Operator for XtraDB Cluster seemed to support a config that allowed binlog persistence to S3 using the backup.pitr configuration. I couldn’t find similar functionality in the Percona Operator for MySQL.

Does anyone happen to know if it is possible to enable binlog shipping to s3 for this version of the operator (or if it is planned to be?)

Steps to Reproduce:

I believe this yaml would work on XtraDb, but can’t find anything working with Percona MySQL version.

  enabled: true
    enabled: true
    storageName: minio-binlog
    timeBetweenUploads: 60


Deployed operator using latest helm deployment.

Hi @Hal_Lesesne !
Currently it is not possible with Percona Operator for Percona Server.
At some point in the future it will probably be possible, but currently the goal is to make the current functionality mature and GA and then add more functionality like point in time recovery etc.
So I would advise to keep your eye on the release notes and announcements.

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Thanks for responding. I’ll keep my eye out.

Actually here’s even better proposal:

  1. There’s a public roadmap entry here: [K8SPS-143] Add support for point-in-time recovery · Issue #80 · percona/roadmap · GitHub
    So you can vote there to bump the importance (just put :+1: ).

  2. You can put yourself as a watcher for this ticket in Jira: [K8SPS-143] Add support for point-in-time recovery - Percona JIRA
    So you’ll be notified on the changes (you’ll probably need to create an account in our Jira if you don’t have it).