best storage to resolve problem of exponential growth in DB size

We have 1 master and 2 slave database in production with 3 GB growth in data size every day, now my local disk on all servers are going to fill ( 650 GB ). What is best storage method for database to store which can be upgraded to bigger size when required? right now i can either add more disk to our server and create another partition and can move some data files to new partition, and which require a downtime.

Please suggest.

I guess your answer is LVM - it allows you to grow filesystem online after you add disks.

Still 3GB p.d./650GB total seems a lot, and imho you should think of better scaling for the (near) future.

And if you really can’t purge any of the older data and the data continues to grow all the time you need to have some serious hardware disk cabinet with hotswap functionality that allows you to add and remove disks during runtime etc to keep up with the growth over time (unless you can cough up a lot of dough by now and build seriously big machines so that you can run for a couple of years before you need to make some changes, but that is usually a very pricey way of doing it).

Good luck!