Backup Error for Percona Operator for MongoDB: error: starting deadline exceeded


I would like help with a backup error for my Percona Operator for MongoDB Bucket S3.

The entire backup process is correct and is being done, however, I have identified that in some days some errors simply occur.

When accessing the log of this backup, the following error is shown:


Could you help me understand and how to solve? As it happens on some days and not on others.

I am uploading the image of the currently running backup configuration below for better understanding.

Thank you in advance for your help and availability!

Can you try to use a newer version of percona-backup-mongodb? They have released 2.0.4.

Hi @waly_ferreira,

Kindly let us know the Percona Operator version been used?
If it is below v1.13, then kindly upgrade to the latest patch of operator version, since the bug has been fixed from v1.13 onwards. Kindly find the below Jira ticket for the same.

Also upgrade the PBM version as well.