Backup not working with Percona Distribution for MongoDB Operator


I have a well running installation (default). Now the backup is enabled but there is the following error


insertId: “qxtqwiwpxbklc9ug”

jsonPayload: {

PBM name: “2021-06-30T09:45:15Z”

backup: “cron-***-clus-20210630094505-dwtjv”

level: “info”

logger: “controller_perconaservermongodbbackup”

msg: “Waiting for backup metadata”

ts: 1625046331.3845007


labels: { “***-pool-2be4e257-rqck”

k8s-pod/name: “percona-server-mongodb-operator”

k8s-pod/pod-template-hash: “5db7545547”


logName: “projects/***/logs/stderr”

receiveTimestamp: “2021-06-30T09:45:32.452610567Z”

resource: {

labels: {

cluster_name: “***”

container_name: “percona-server-mongodb-operator”

location: “***”

namespace_name: “***”

pod_name: “percona-server-mongodb-operator-5db7545547-d2ws5”

project_id: “***”


type: “k8s_container”


severity: “ERROR”

timestamp: “2021-06-30T09:45:31.384755767Z”


According to

kubectl -n *** get psmdb-backup

cron-luz-mongodb-clus-20210630093002-47dwk ***cluster ***-storage ***2021-06-30T09:30:12Z error 14m
cron-luz-mongodb-clus-20210630093503-hcqgh ***-cluster ***-storage ***/2021-06-30T09:35:13Z error 9m40s
cron-luz-mongodb-clus-20210630094004-n47bt ***-cluster ***-storage ***/2021-06-30T09:40:14Z error 4m39s

the backup job scheduling works but the backup creation itself not.

Anyone could give a hint ?

Thanks & Regards

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Hi @jamoser,

Could you please share the output of kubectl -n <namespace> describe psmdb-backup <backup_name>? It should have more descriptive error message there.

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Hi @egegunes

Thanks a lot for the kubectl cmd. It turned out that the keys were in the wrong format.

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