Audit log file permission


When the Audit log file is newly created, it is created with 640 rights. I have an authorization problem on the rsyslog side when the file is created with 640 rights. Here, I need a method to create the auditlog file with 644 or to enable rsyslog to read the file with existing rights. I would appreciate your help.



current audit file:

-rw-r----- 1 mysql mysql 148399808 Oct 30 11:41 audit.log

Hello @bthnklc,
Since you are trying to stream logs, would these parameters help?

If not, you would need to open a feature request at and our team will evaluate priority and see about making a fix.

Another situation occurred in the problem. I deleted the audit plugin on the node where I had a problem on the database system, which I positioned as master-master in five nodes, and when I wanted to install it again, it appeared to be in deleted status on the other nodes. When I wanted to install it again, it gave an error and disconnected from the cluster. Do I need to remove it from all nodes?

Delete from all nodes. Install to all nodes.

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Does this process cause an interruption?

No, this should not cause an interruption to uninstall and install it back.

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