Percona Audit_Log on MySQL Server - Record time value is Wrong

I use audit_log_plugin from Percona on MySQL 8.0.24 and the plugin is working, but the record time is not valid:

OS type: CentOS 7.8

audit_record":{“name”:“Query”,“record”:“544629_1970-01-01T00:00:00”," timestamp":"2021-04-23T13:37:25Z** ",

audit_log_format = JSON
audit_log_policy = ALL
audit_log_handler = SYSLOG
audit_log_strategy = SYNCHRONOUS
audit_log_syslog_facility = LOG_USER
audit_log_syslog_ident = MySQL-Audit-Log
audit_log_syslog_priority = LOG_INFO

Do you know what is the issue?

Has this issue been resolved? Can anyone help if you know the solution?

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