Are you using RPM, pre-compiled, or self compiled?

I was looking at 5.1.24-stew a few minutes ago, and I was also checking out the eBay Heap patch.

It struck me that most people are probably just using either distribution or mysql provided packages (or host provided). I myself prefer using the pre-compiled binaries.

I was wondering how many people out there are actually patching/compiling their own mySQL server binaries and why?

In most cases pre-built RPM included into your distribution repository is enough.
But sometimes it’s needed to apply some patch and change ./configure options - in this case I usually download source distribution from, apply patches or correct spec-file to change ./configure options, and then build own RPM. I don’t like to install soft through ‘make install’, because it’s better to use package manager, it helps to keep files in system in order and prevents from different problems.

Also sometimes it makes sense to apply patch, compile MySQL and then replace ‘mysqld’ file by new one - I use it when need to run patched version for some short time - usually for debugging purposes.

And what about ‘why patching’ - I do this only when needed, for example I apply microslow patch ( icroslow-patch-installation-walk-through/#more-377) to have more precise logging of query execution time.