Apache Requests & Bytes empty graphs

Apache CPU load, Apache Scoreboard and Apache Workers graphs are all working just fine, but the Requests and Bytes graphs are empty. The debug log shows that request data is being written for apache requests, but still an empty graph.

How do I go about debugging the graphs to see why they are empty?

To test:
sudo -u cacti php /usr/share/cacti/scripts/ss_get_by_ssh.php --type apache --host --items gg,gh

where items are:

‘APACHE_Requests’ => ‘gg’, ‘APACHE_Bytes_sent’ => ‘gh’, ‘APACHE_Idle_workers’ => ‘gi’, ‘APACHE_Busy_workers’ => ‘gj’, ‘APACHE_CPU_Load’ => ‘gk’, ‘APACHE_Waiting_for_connection’ => ‘gl’, ‘APACHE_Starting_up’ => ‘gm’, ‘APACHE_Reading_request’ => ‘gn’, ‘APACHE_Sending_reply’ => ‘go’, ‘APACHE_Keepalive’ => ‘gp’, ‘APACHE_DNS_lookup’ => ‘gq’, ‘APACHE_Closing_connection’ => ‘gr’, ‘APACHE_Logging’ => ‘gs’, ‘APACHE_Gracefully_finishing’ => ‘gt’, ‘APACHE_Idle_cleanup’ => ‘gu’, ‘APACHE_Open_slot’ => ‘gv’,