Anyone running XtraDB Cluster on CentOS Stream? Can I mix & match distros within a cluster?

We have been running an XtraDB cluster with 3 nodes on CentOS 7 for several years with no major issues. We are looking at server upgrades across the board and trying to come up with an upgrade plan for these servers.

Is anyone running an XtraDB Cluster on CentOS Stream? With the new way that CentOS will be upstream of RHEL, I worry it might be less reliable. “It might not be quite as stable, or as suitable for production systems requiring a very high degree of dependability.” (Migrate From CentOS 8 to CentOS Stream | Linode)

Another option for us would be to migrate to Ubuntu Servers for our Cluster. If we decide to go this route, could we just add Ubuntu Servers one-at-a-time to our existing cluster, then remove the CentOS servers? Or is there a reason we shouldn’t have a cluster that contains servers running different distros?

Thanks in advance for any insight you can offer!

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Yes. There’s nothing OS-specific within the protocols of MySQL or Galera that would prevent this.

Since you are currently on CentOS, have you looked at RockyLinux? It’s backed by some of the original CentOS founders. And there’s an online migration tool from CentOS.

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