Any pbm utility tool to extract JSON from the pbm dump file?

I’m not having any luck restoring my cluster using pbm given the topology concerns here , but I do have the backups in this form in my s3 bucket:


When I decompress this file, it’s almost 3 GB as a .dump file - is there any pbm command/tool that can extract the JSON of the mongo documents from this file? It’s a binary file, but I’m hopeful there is some way of viewing the raw JSON/BSON that was backed up inside it?


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Hi @Tim_Heckel,

In short, no.

Before PBM v2.0.0, a backup contains data in a complicated format that is not really easy to understand for humans.

Starting from 2.0.0, PBM has a new backup format that contains BSON documents grouped by collection with metafile for the backup placed separately in JSON format. So you can use bsondump (mongo-tools) to print the BSON documents of a collection. Or just review collections info from the metafile (options, indexes, size, count etc.)


Thanks for the information. I confirmed the *.dump files were created with pbm 1.6.1.

So backups made with pbm > 2.0 have a .bson extension, and backups made prior to 2.0 have a .dump extension?

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