after ran the for percona xtaDB cluster 8.0.19 , I need to understand it


I just built up a percona xtraDB cluster 8.0.19 and found out the existing global variable for percona xtraDB cluster 5.7. x can’t on 8.0.19, I ran to see what is the suggestion and I see this output like this and I don’t know which one is the problem and what is the suggested value for it.
Question now is:

 1) it said “[–] This is a standalone server”, is not true, as it is the primary node of the new 8.0.18 cluster.

 2) “Reduce your overall MySQL memory footprint for system stability”
what am I supposed to do ?

 3) should I just read this section:

Variables to adjust:

MySQLTuner result.docx (17.3 KB)

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here you go.

MySQLTuner result.docx (17.3 KB)

please help on this: