Add a 6.3 link in centos repo ?

Hi all,

Centos 6.4 is released… and the first thing i want is to… wait ! :slight_smile:
So, my yum update is done with a --releasever=6.3… but it seems you don’t have the right directory :

Can you make the good link in your repos ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


There is no like centos/6.3/os/x86_64/repodata/ directory. Here is the right location.
yum config file usually contains something like $version variable instead of hard-coded values. so, it can be redefined in commandline.

If you don’t want to upgrade CentOS to 6.4 then you can use following.

yum check-update. OR, for percona repo only - yum --disablerepo=* --enablerepo=percona check-update


yum --releasever=6.3 --disablerepo=percona check-update (for Centos only)


Thanks for your answer.
Actually, your repository configuration is :
name = CentOS $releasever - Percona
baseurl=http ://$releasever/os/$basearch/
enabled = 1
gpgkey = file :///etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-percona
gpgcheck = 1

My solution is to replace the “$releasever” with “latest”… and yes, i know using a hard coded value is bad… but percona is the only repository configured on my servers not compatible with a --releasever (i’m using yum-cron, which can take args, but not multiple commands)…
My message here was essentially to find a correction. It’s a bit frustrating to see a percona answer resolving the problem with a “–disablerepo=percona”… no ?

Have a good day anyway and thx again :slight_smile: