5.1.12+ and max_binlog_size and innodb = hang mysql?

from mysql 5.1.12+, when I use max_binlog_size, mysql hang when rotate binlog, but only if you write to innodb tables. I use actualy Redhat4AS,x86_64, mysql_huge config for example(but it no depends). If I dont use max_binlog_size, we reached 1GB binlog in 5hours, due to heavy traffic and then mysql hang again. Hang mean not crashed, mysql is runnig and accepting new connection, but dont handle this connection. Has anyone experience with this? Last version, which was allright, was 5.1.11. Thanks for help. Tomas.

PS: How to repeat this.
Make test table (id int autoincrement, text varchar(255)) INNODB… set
max_binlog_size= 5000 (smallest value is 4096) and try to fill this table.


This is wrong place to report bug reports. If you have repeatable bug report it is best to report it at