2.32.0 MongoDB Backup S3 endpoint value?

Hi there,

I’m testing the latest PMM release (2.32.0) and I’m curious what I should set on Backup Location - Endpoint field (when configuring the s3 storage)

Why is it a mandatory field? What url should I add there if my PMM is running outside of AWS?

The PBM CLI doesn’t requite the URL only the bucket name + access key


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Hello @Adamo_Tonete ,

good question.
It is and endpoint URL. We support any S3-compatible storage, not only AWS.

You can get AWS endpoints here: Amazon Simple Storage Service endpoints and quotas - AWS General Reference
For example, for us-east1 you can safely use https://s3.amazonaws.com

But Endpoint is a must for other S3 compatible storages. Like for GCP you will have https://storage.googleapis.com/ and for DigitalOcean https://nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com

We can think of defaulting to AWS S3, but not sure if it is wise. cc @roma.novikov


Thank you Sergey.

That worked!

I’d say a tooltip with the default values would be okay on pmm… or even a selection list with other option to “other” for non default ones like minIO…

Maybe also add an note on Backup and restore - Percona Monitoring and Management, I will try to submit an PR later.

Again, thank you.

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