XtraDB5.1.37-7 tuning suggestions?

Hi, Guys

I compared XtraDB5.1.37-7 and MySQL5.4.1-beta performance using sysbench (simple, read, complex) and dbt2 10WH. All the data can be fully cached into innodb_buffer_pool. So no read disk io.

However I found XtraDB5.1.37-7 was 8%~16% lower than mysql5.4.1 for sysbench and dbt2.

Do you have any tuning suggestions?

My hardware is 2 sockets, quad-core processors with HT. OS is RHEL5.2.

Both mysql5.4 and xtradb are started with the below options. Others are the default value.
–innodb_thread_concurrency=0 \

Your suggestions/comments are appreciated.

Thx, Xuekun

download newer :wink: