Xtradb extra files and move to a new Mysql server


I am testing the xtradb and i just use this command:

innobackupex /path/to/backupdir/

After checking the backup folder i found that all /var/lib/mysql/ files are there…

So after searching and reading i try this command:

innobackupex --databases="database1" /path/to/backupdir/

Much better now :slight_smile:

It seems that i got the dadabase only that i want…with a few extra files that xtradb create/copy.

Now i want to ask if the second command is ok to just backup only my database and if i want to move it on a new mysql server do i have to copy the extra files that xtradb create/copy ?

Thank you


Are you using MyISAM/InnoDB? Can you provide the list of files which you can see in backupdir after taking backup of single database?