XtraDB compatibily

I have an upcoming project where I will have to go from XtraDB 5.5 to 5.7. I’m considering two ways… Upgrading 5.5->5.6->5.7 or doing a “logical backup” on 5.5 and importing in 5.7.

I have not decided on the best approach in my case.

I’ve noticed that XtraBackup 2.2 seems to be gone (as well as 5.5, but I am able to guess the download links for XtraDB 5.5).

Is the XtraBackup version important? I have a very old XtraDB 5.5/XtraBackup 2.2 that I want to upgrade to XtraDB 5.7/XtraBackup 2.4.

So can I use XtraBackup 2.4 wtih XtraDB 5.5, 5.6 and 5.7?

Hi, versions are important as xtrabackup is built using specific versions. For example 2.4 is based in mysql 5.7 binaries, so backing up 5.5 is not supported.

If you can get xtrabackup 2.2 from somewhere you should be able to backup/restore the 5.5 cluster for the purpose of upgrade. Otherwise you’d need to use the logical backup approach.

I don’t quite follow, but I have another thread going that may help me out more.