XtraDB Cluster & ProxySQL Read-Write-Split


I’ve setup a 3 Node XtraDB Cluster with ProxySQL.

What I would like to setup with this now:
Only one of the 3 servers should be the write node, the other 2 should only be read nodes.
I’ve read about the read-write-split to configure but this seems to be like static linking one special node as write node…
Is there a way to configure one server as write and the other two as read nodes, but if the write server will go down another previous read-only-server will take over the write role?

Happy for any hints :slight_smile:

Hello @A.Wormuth,
Check out the ProxySQL documentation on configuring Galera/PXC

ProxySQL will auto-manage which node goes into the writer HG so that you only have 1 writer at a time. If that node goes offline, proxysql will move one of the readers.