Xtradb cluster and assertions failure in file rem0rec : is my schema responsible ?


We encountered crashes with our Xtradb Clusters (5.6.44) : assertions failure in file rem0rec line 580
The exact same situation of https://bugs.launchpad.net/percona-xtradb-cluster/+bug/1589919, the stacktrace is identical

Now, if I can believe the stacktrace it crashed while deleting row, and it looks related to foreign keys stuff

I looked into the schema and noticed :

  • I had ~40 tables without primary keys (innodb)
  • Some of them even have ON DELETE CASCADE FK constraints

Galera does not support DELETE without primary keys, so it make sense it should not support ON DELETE CASCADE on tables without primary keys ?

It looks like it work (I guess thanks towsrep_certify_nonpk and an internal PK), and we know this kind of queries are being made everyday without apparent issues, but I wonder if this is a valid concern regarding this assertion failure crash

If someone is willing to dig into this crash, I’m available

Thank you,