XtraDB changed page tracking

Hi Guys

Any one successfully setup this feature(XtraDB changed page tracking).

We are currently evaluating Percona 5.6 & I cannot use this feature to speed up my incremental backups.

Looks like this feature is broken at least with Percona 5.6.16 & 5.6.17.

A bug was already filed here(https://bugs.launchpad.net/percona-server/+bug/1323889)

You can see my findings in the 3rd comment.

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​Santhi Kishore Balusu

The update from Santhi:

Hi Guys

I made some progress on this issue & it looks like the latest version of Percona Server gets confused when innodb_data_hom e_dir, datadir are set to different directories.

I updated the above mentioned bug with my latest findings.

BTW did this feature ever work for any one.

I did not come across any links, how to’s where some one implemented this & it worked.

I am not sure where else i could get some more info about this as there is no response on the above bug or to this question in forum.

Looks like there is lack of community support for Percona Server.

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You can check out the presentation slides available here: http://form.percona.com/PLMCE14Slides–32814.html

Look for Fast Incremental Backups with Percona Server and Percona Xtrabackup, presented by Laurynas Biveinis.

Also here’s a link from our documentation: http://www.percona.com/doc/percona-xtrabackup/2.1/xtrabackup_bin/incremental_backups.html

I’ve also commented on the mentioned bug report.

Update from ​Santhi:

I already went through the above links which you shared.

Below is an update I was trying to post from the past few mins.

I am trying to speed up my incremental backups using XtraDB changed page tracking feature & the backups are happening fine but i am seeing log scanned up to during incremental backups as well.

Why would it scan the log instead of getting the changed page ids from bitmap file.

cat 2014-06-16_17-* /xtrabackup_checkpoints
backup_type = full-backuped
from_lsn = 0
to_lsn = 42246446457
last_lsn = 42246446457
compact = 0
backup_type = incremental
from_lsn = 42246446457
to_lsn = 42246507182
last_lsn = 42246507182
compact = 0
backup_type = incremental
from_lsn = 42246507182
to_lsn = 42246681651
last_lsn = 42246681651
compact = 0
backup_type = incremental
from_lsn = 42246681651
to_lsn = 42246846062
last_lsn = 42246846062
compact = 0

Is there any concrete method to see if XtraDB changed page tracking feature is really being used??

Did this ever work for any one.

Another update from Santhi: