XtraDB and Rest API


I have been testing Percona Distribution for MySQL for a while now. Now I’m testing API capabilities, but I have a few questions.
I’m following instruction on: Percona Operator for MySQL API Documentation. This document doesn’t mention cloning the repo, but I did clone version 1.9.0 repo. Then I created, crd and rbac along with service account. Lastly I fetched the token and place it as a variable.

I created configuration file (json) and change it a bit from instuction page: PXC - Pastebin.

Then I shot the http request with cURL: PXC_CURL - Pastebin.

It didn’t create resources as I expected it to do. It created the cluster, but there are no Pods running. No PVC’s.

[root@dbaasjump002 percona-xtradb-cluster-operator]# kubectl get pxc
cluster1 33m

kubectl describe pxc cluster1: PXC_UPDATE - Pastebin

My questions are:

  • Are all the same parameters usable via API that are placed on cr.yaml?
  • Is HA Proxy usable via API?
  • Should this create Operator as well as cluster? (there are no Pods running)
  • Is there some blog writing or reference to version 1.9.0 deployment with Rest API?
  • How to troubleshoot the current situation?
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Hi @katajistok,

Have you deployed the operator? If yes, could you share the logs from its pod?

kubectl logs <operator-pod-name>
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No I have not. It was not the instruction page.

Will namespace specific Operator do just fine?

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Ok. I did get it to work. Thanks. Are all the same configurations available via API that are defined on cr.yaml?

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Hi @katajistok ,

Yes, everything should work in the same way.