Xtrabackup render the DB unreadable with locks even with no-lock option

I have a Percona MySQL 8.0.25 single instance DB.

I am storing an alert table where I insert and pool data from it every 10 seconds for new alerts.

I ran xtrabackup against it and my querier service hang, no query can complete. On the monitoring the Database Throughput drop to 0 and all query related stats drop to 0 indicating that while xtrabackup is running I cannot query the DB.

Xtrabackup version 8.0.32
Percona version 8.0.25

I ran xtrabackup with no-lock, excluding all non-innodb tables and throttle 1 and it still block reading to the DB.

Why does backup has to block reading or impose any lock that block reading?

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Can you post your command?

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Hi @Minh_Duc_Nguyen welcome to the Percona forums!

As @kedarpercona mentioned, we’d like to see your command line used to start the backup. Also can you give us a capture of SHOW PROCESSLIST while the backup is running? Thanks