XtraBackup --incremental-basedir doesn't work as expected

I’m passing --incremental-basedir=/data/backups/base to the command.
But the CLI fails (official docker image: perconalab/percona-xtrabackup:8.3.0-1) with this error:

[ERROR] [MY-011825] [Xtrabackup] cannot open /data/backups/base//xtrabackup_checkpoints
[ERROR] [MY-011825] [Xtrabackup] failed to read metadata from /data/backups/base//xtrabackup_checkpoints

Notice in the error that the program is trying to use slash (//).

I’ve properly mounted required volumes:

-v $MYSQL_DATA_VOLUME:/var/lib/mysql 
-v $TODAY_INCREMENTAL_BACKUP_DIR:/xtrabackup_backupfiles 
-v $TODAY_BASE_BACKUP_DIR:/data/backups/base

The volume mounting approach works, As I’ve ran the same command for backing up a full backup.

Hello @Riajul_Islam

We need a fully reproducible test case to check this issue.
As I can see, you are using percona-xtrabackup:8.3.0-1 Please report the bug at https://perconadev.atlassian.net/

With the below details,

  • MySQL version, xtrabackup version
  • Backup commands used
  • Reproducible test case.