Xtrabackup: flush tables replicated after upgrade to 5.7.41

After upgrading from 5.7.22 to 5.7.41 we have huge problems with locks during backup
i our multi-source setup. (Active - Passive)

Backup is run on the replica/Passive fine but then the “flush tables” statements make our source/active
replica totally lock up.

Is there any way to tell xtrabackup to write the flush log statements with_no_binlog ?

Edit: Xtrabackup 2.4.28
Mysql Community edition: 5.7.41

Hello @sid.dabster,
Can you confirm that you did not have this issue with 5.7.22 and xtrabackup 2.4.28? I just spun up a 5.7.22 and executed FLUSH TABLES; followed by SHOW BINLOG EVENTS and I can see the flush in the binlog which indicates you should have had this issue even back on 5.7.22.