xtrabackup file too large error

I have a very large database I am backing up and getting the following error message for.

Innobackup: Error writing file '/path/to/db/file/xxx#P#pSynonymous.idb.qp' (Errorcode: 27 - file too large)
compress: write to destition stream failed.
innobackupex: Can't sync file to /backup-per/gel/replicadb/same/path/as/above.ibd.qp (Errorcode: 27 - File too large)
[04] xtrabackup: Error: xtrabackup_copy_datafile() failed.
[04] xtrabackup Error: failed to copy datafile.

The above block was retyped as the system that is having the problem is behind a secure file wall and I can’t cut/paste text from the system. I can grab a picture. And that is attached with the exact error message.

The file it is trying to write is 5.1TB when it fails.

System and tools versiions are:

Percona mysql (5.6.3)
Percona toolkit 2.2.17
innobackupex (2.3.4)
qpress (11-1.el6)
Linux 2.6.32
Centos: 6.8

backup command is:

innobackupex --backup --compress --parallel=4 -rsync /target/directory

The backups are being written to an NFS mounted volume.


Is this an error from the the backup tool (innobackupex) or compression tool (qpress) or is it the file system telling me it can’t write a file this large?

Hi Jeff
The error code (27 - File too large) is originating from Linux. It could be a file system limit or due to the setting of ulimit
Based on this message “The backups are being written to an NFS mounted volume”, the team suggest you should check the max file size allowed on this volume
See how you get on?