Xtrabackup fails when creating backup

We’re taking a periodic volume snapshot of our database. We decided to store these backups somewhere else also for debugging purpose as the volume snapshots are in rolling window.
We’re attaching this snapshot volume in some machine and running the xtrabackup utility for the backup. But we encounter this following error quite often:

2024-06-28T13:08:53.497700-00:00 1 [Note] [MY-011825] [Xtrabackup] >> log scanned up to (259520894871145)
2024-06-28T13:08:54.497917-00:00 1 [Note] [MY-011825] [Xtrabackup] >> log scanned up to (259520894871145)
2024-06-28T13:08:55.182241-00:00 6 [Warning] [MY-012637] [InnoDB] 10485760 bytes should have been read. Only 3932160 bytes read. Retrying for the remaining bytes.
2024-06-28T13:08:55.186227-00:00 6 [Warning] [MY-012638] [InnoDB] Retry attempts for reading partial data failed.
2024-06-28T13:08:55.194663-00:00 6 [ERROR] [MY-011825] [Xtrabackup] xtrabackup_copy_datafile() failed
2024-06-28T13:08:55.194694-00:00 6 [ERROR] [MY-011825] [Xtrabackup] failed to copy datafile ./scrape_history/scraped_history_airbnb_los.ibd
2024-06-28T13:08:55.498167-00:00 1 [Note] [MY-011825] [Xtrabackup] >> log scanned up to (259520894871145)
2024-06-28 13:08:56 [ERROR]: xbu-wsdbh -- (/mnt/xbu-wsdbh-wsdbh-mysql-hourly-11828/mysql): Incremental backup failed.

The following commands we run for full and inc backup respectively:

xtrabackup --backup --host="${DB_HOST}" --user="${DB_USER}" --password="${DB_PASS}" --target-dir=${TARGET_DIR}/"${base_dir}" --strict --parallel=$CPUS
xtrabackup --backup --host="${DB_HOST}" --user="${DB_USER}" --password="${DB_PASS}" --target-dir="$TARGET_DIR/$curr_hr" --strict --incremental-lsn="$last_successful_backup_lsn" --parallel=$CPUS

Are any DDLs taking place during the backup?