xtrabackup dumps only one DB


I’m trying to backup whole MySQL instance, running:
sudo xtrabackup --host=db.server.com --user=root --password=secret.8 --backup --target-dir="/tmp/backup_dir"

It copies mysql, performance_schema, test_staging DBs properly, and in the last dir: test_production it is only db.opt file without any table files. Any hint how to fix it?

ls /tmp/backup_dir
tmp/test/2016-04-05_12-10-59# ls

backup-my.cnf test_production mysql xtrabackup_binlog_info xtrabackup_info
ibdata1 test_staging performance_schema xtrabackup_checkpoints xtrabackup_logfile

# ls -l mysql | wc -l
# ls -l performance_schema/ | wc -l
# ls -l test_staging | wc -l
# ls -l test_production/ | wc -l

Both test_* should contain same tables (but with another data).

Percona XtraBackup must be executed on the same host as mysqld. It sounds like you might be trying to run from another host.

See this blog post for a good review of how to use XtraBackup with multiple hosts : http://www.stevemeyers.net/2013/06/using-xtrabackup-to-backup-remote.html

George O. Lorch III
Software Engineer, Percona