Xtrabackup command line argument to override/ignore the open_files_limit in db.cnf

We are receiving an InnoDB: Operating system error number 24 in a file operation error when we do an xtrabackup full back up.

in our db.cnf we have

the max file descriptors are set to on the linux erver
cat /proc/sys/fs/file-max

Is there an xtrabackup command line parameter that will allow us to ignore 40960 in the db.cnf file. We do not want to update db.cnf file. Because the mysql is distributed as part of a vendor tool. The vendor takes responcibility for the database settings.

Hi @ajstark123 .

The option you are looking for either :

  1. Add a specific section on your my.cnf to xtrabackup:
  1. Invoke xtrabackup passing innodb_open_files:
xtrabackup [...] --innodb_open_files=819200