Xtrabackup 8: full and incremental size


I get the same directory size using incremental or full xtrabackup. Is it normal?


Incremental backups only copy pages that are modified after the full backup. The size of the incremental backup depends on when the incremental backup is taken. If the database is under a huge update or the incremental is taken after a very long time, the incremental size can be the same as the full backup.

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Thanks for the answer.

Actually I did a full backup and just after an incremental backup. I get the same size without any transactions.

Hello @Mamisoa_Andriantafik,
Can you please provide the exact commands you used to take both the full backup and the incremental backup?

Here is for a full backup:

xtrabackup --backup --user="$user" --password="$password" --compress --target-dir="$start_dir/$backup_dir" --parallel=$core_num

and for incremental:

xtrabackup --backup --user="$user" --password="$password" --compress --target-dir="$start_dir/$backup_dir" --parallel=$core_num --incremental-basedir="$last_full_dir"

Your --target-dir is the same for both commands. You told xtrabackup to overwrite what was previously in there. Use separate target directories to hold the full and incremental backups.

Oh sorry, in the script $backupdir is a variable to set the name of the directory with the datetime upon execution, so they are never the same.

Can you provide the xtrabackup output of the incremental run? Or maybe just the first 300 lines?