Xbcloud oci object storage


There’s a way to perform backup using xbcloud to Oracle Cloud Object storage bucket, as xbcloud perform backups to Amason s3 Buckets?

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Hello @Thiago_Andreis,
If OCI storage supports the S3 standard, then xbcloud should work all the same.

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Thank you @matthewb, I’ll check the oci documentation.

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In case of someone having this issue.

This solution works for me.

You wi’ll need to configure the oci cli on your machine.

Then you can redirect the xbstream output to the oci client.

xtrabackup --backup --stream=xbstream --compress | $(oci os object put --bucket-name bucket --file - --name backup_mysql_2023-02-16/backup.xbstream)

Please note the value “-” for the argument “–file”: --file -