wsrep_sst_rsync fail every other run


I just upgraded an XtraDB Cluster which has been running fine for month, and I kept having the same error upon mysql start.

OS: Ubuntu 12.04
XtraDBCluster: 5.5.28-23.7-369.precise

This is logged on the “joiner” but the error is actually on the “donor” side:

/usr//bin/wsrep_sst_common: line 94: /dev/stderr: Permission denied

I double checked the permissions and they are fine which was expected.

The fix was to change;

echo “WSREP_SST: $* ($tst)” >>/dev/stderrbyecho “WSREP_SST: $* ($tst)” >&2

Pretty weird error but I have been able to reproduce it on 6 different machines, so this basically make the package unsusable without this fix.

Hope this helps others.