Wsrep:replicating and certifying write set(-1) - wsrep aborter idle - wsrep: committed TOI write set

Hi there
I have a 3 node cluster ,all the nodes are online 1,2 & 3 .
below is the result set when executed the SHOW PROCESSLIST; at node 2.

1.wsrep: committed TOI write set 
2.wsrep aborter idle
3.wsrep:replicating and certifying write set(-1)

how to proceed regarding above 3 scenarios ?
please refer to screenshot

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Not sure what you mean by “how to proceed” here. These states are normal information on what the threads have done or are doing at the moment. 1. tells you the applier thread has done some TOI query in the past (DDL) and it’s number. But it’s idle at the moment. 2. Aborter thread is also idle at the moment (it gets fired only for resolving conflicts). 3. Some local transaction is in the replication/certification phase.
Some additional information:

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