wsrep_incoming_addresses Node Order

Hello ;

I have a new Xtradb Galera Cluster installation. All servers are ready and working when i start the cluster in this order (Node01 , Node02 , Node03).But after the start up of all the servers when i check the wsrep_incoming_addresses value from mysql , the order keeps changing.

The cluster is working as normal and i can restart the cluster in order starting from node03 in reverse and i can start it again without a problem.
What i want to learn is the order of wsrep_incoming_addresses may change with every restart from
wsrep_incoming_addresses | node01:3306,node02:3306,node03:3306 |
wsrep_incoming_addresses | node01:3306,node03:3306,node02:3306 |

And for example this the last situation ;

Node01 : /etc/init.d/mysql bootstrap-pxc
wsrep_incoming_addresses | node01:3306 |

Node02 : /etc/init.d/mysql start
wsrep_incoming_addresses | node02:3306,node01:3306 |

Node03 : /etc/init.d/mysql start
wsrep_incoming_addresses | node02:3306,node03:3306,node01:3306 |

Is the order of wsrep_incoming_addresses important ?

Thanks and Best Regards.