Why is the picture changing so much every time refresh?

This problem was actually discovered in a very early version. I really can’t stand it today.
see pic, refresh 3 times, 3 different grah

Hi Fan !
It’s good to see you again )
Can you do our search simpler and let us know What Dashboard and Panel and what “interval” selected?


Hi roma.novikov !
Yesterday’s picture is my own dashboard, actually copying the mysql overview->mysql client thread acitivity json code,the interval is 5s, refresh every 10s.
Today I intercepted a gif and you can see the curve change of the mysql question panal(from the mysql overview dashboard), interval is auto, refresh every 5s

The picture is compressed, watch the video.

I can’t load the gif but can see what you are getting on https://pmmdemo.percona.com/graph/d/MQWgroiiz/mysql-overview?refresh=10s&panelId=10&fullscreen&orgId=1&from=now-15m&to=now&var-interval=5s&var-host=ps57

The reason is - how Prometheus calculating and Grafana passing intervals. (this will be changed in future versions)
SO every 10 sec 5 sec internal moved to 5 sec and max and average values are different

If you select 1 sec interval - everything will be better )
or if you’ll have a longer interval

I understand, Thank you roma.novikov