Which version of PostgreSQL is it possible to monitore?


Is it possible to monitor postgresql 8x, 9x instances ?

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Hi @dbas ,

Kindly refer the below “percona-software-support-lifecycle” link for the compatibility of PMM.(Check the Compatibility Matrix section.)

Ref. Link: Percona Software Support Lifecycle Overview - Percona


Given both Postgresql 8 and 9 are End of Life there are no efforts to maintain support in any of the products. In other words we do no testing against EOL versions. There’s a chance that 9.x may still work or you may have luck trying an older version of PMM prior to 9.x going EOL. I would be shocked if 8 worked at all on pmm 2.x…maybe pmm 1.x.

Might be time to talk to our professional services group about help with upgrading them to something more current!

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