Which version of percona sever for mysql should I use for production

Hello everyone,

I’m in the process of planning the upgrade for my production servers to MySQL 8, and I would greatly appreciate any insights regarding which version to choose.

Currently, I’ve compiled and am testing version 8.1.0-1 on Gentoo, which appears to be based on MySQL 8.0. However, I find myself a bit confused.

According to Percona’s support lifecycle, the supported versions include Percona Distribution for MySQL 8.0 or Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.

On the other hand, the MySQL blog suggests that if I want the latest features and improvements, I should consider the Innovation release track (e.g., 8.1.x, 8.2.x, 8.3.x, etc.). For bug fixes only, it recommends using 8.0.x releases (e.g., 8.0.35, 8.0.36, 8.0.37, etc.).

I’ve also come across the Percona Distribution for MySQL 8.1 release notes.

Any insights or guidance would be highly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hello @egel, if you want stable with bugfixes, use 8.0.*. If you want latest, bleeding edge, use 8.2. 8.1 isn’t even available for download from MySQL website.

Really appreciate your time.
What would be preferred percona server please?
As well, please correct me if I am wrong, It seems that I can inplace downgrade from 8.1 to 8.0.* isn’t?


Sorry, small update:
I’ve compiled the source from there: GitHub - percona/percona-server at release-8.1.0-1
Using commit: 74ca9072a3c0c7c2e04b8536659986b18f848304
So, considering above, I understand that this version is 8.0.34 + percona enrichment.


Hello @egel,
Here the release notes for Percona MySQL 8.1 where you can see the changes between Community and Percona. Percona Server for MySQL 8.1.0-1 (2023-11-27) - Percona Server for MySQL

It seems that I can inplace downgrade from 8.1 to 8.0.* isn’t?

No, that is not supported. To downgrade any major version you must dump/reload.

So, perhaps I am using percona (which is seems the best choice).
And I need stability (for example support of mysql_native_password as long as possible ), then I need to choice the 8.0.35 right (since , for example, the mysql_native_password would be there till EOL)?

Sorry, I am little bit confused therefore the questions.
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Yes, mysql_native_password is still present in 8.0.35