where is the mysql overview dashboard?

recently, we upgrade PMM to 2.4 and I could not find mysql overview dashboard anymore,

which still exists in the latest document.

instead there is a similar dashboard named mysql instance summary,

but this dashboard could not jump to OS dashbord, which really inconvenience for me.

Hi @romber
In PMM 2 we moved the MySQL Overview dashboard to be named MySQL Instance Summary.
If you would like to navigate to the OS dashboard, you need to first click on
Services > Nodes overview
Then from here you’ll see an OS menu option, for example you can then navigate to Node Summary for basic OS metrics.

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hi @“Michael Coburn” ,
thanks for your answer, maybe you should update the document. :slight_smile:
and when there are a lot of nodes, and this will cause nodes overview(not only node overview, but also all kinds of overview) presented very slowly, i’d prefer to add OS dashboard to mysql instance summary, which could jump to specific node metrics directly with time boundary.
another suggestion is that when there are many network interface, network traffic in node summary dashboard shows the summary of network traffic, I think it’ll be much better show the triffic for each network interface individually.

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Hi @romber,
Right, the new overview is the instance summary. What do you mean by jumping to OS dashboard? If you mean having the top-right menu that allowed you to go straight to the OS metrics dashboards, then this is indeed not there anymore. If you scroll all the way down, you will have some information in the “Node Summary” collapsable graph section, though.
Let me know if this helps. If not, there is a ticket created for this (https://jira.percona.com/browse/PMM-5311) that you can comment on with your use-case in particular.

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hi @“Agustin G” ,
as you can see the screenshot above, in PMM1.X, we can jump from mysql overview to system overview of OS dashboard directly, with the specific hostname and time boundary, and also could jump from system overview of OS dashboard to mysql overview directly, with the spefic hostname and time boundary.

I also leave a comment on the JIRA you mentioned above


Hi @romber

you are correct, there are multiple hops required to get from a MySQL dashboard to OS dashboard. You may also find helpful the set of System panels at the bottom of most of our MySQL dashboards, so you can get a high level view of the CPU, memory, network utilization metrics for the MySQL instance you’re examining.

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