What mongo cluster topologies are supported by PSMDB Operator?

Are there any pointers/config snippets/blog posts I could use to explore, for instance, a sharded server in multi-master config? Has anyone done something similar?
A little bit about what I am trying to do here:

  1. Multiple k8s clusters in different geographical regions
  2. cilium clustermesh for pod-to-pod communication and service discovery, no MCS

Could be a tall order for a newbie in mongo, like me, but still…

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Hey @Vitaly_Orbidan ,

with Operator we automate and simplify MongoDB clusters management and some things are not as flexible as you can get with regular deployments. Simplicity comes with a price here.

When you say multi-master config - I assume that you mean multiple shards, replica sets, each replica set has its own primary that sits in various geo regions. Right?

  1. You can do it with our cross-site replication mechanism, where you actually add remote nodes from a replica set. We have users and customers running such setups.
  2. We have not tested it with cilium, so not sure.
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Hi @Sergey_Pronin,
Thank you for replying - I appreciate it.
Yes - you are correct - I am probably trying to run a most complicated config - multi-shard, multi-replica, with primary in different regions.
I have just started with this POC, trying to see what topologies are possible with the Operator.

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