What is considered a high slow query time?

Hello All,

I just wrote my own MySQL slow query log parser in bash for OS X Server. However, I don’t really know what is considered a high slow query time. I have roughly 1900 slow queries over the past 2 months that have a query_time range from 20 to 700.

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

The configuration variable “long_query_time” sets the threshold for queries getting into this log. You can see your configuration by doing SHOW VARIABLES LIKE ‘long_query_time’.

The question is what is slow for your application? If a user is waiting for a web page to load, a few seconds can be too slow, especially if it’s only one of 20 queries that page will execute.

Thank you for the replies guys!

All of these queries are mostly loading 1 query per web page and some are taking any where from 20 to 700 seconds. There is obviously a problem here, I just need to do a little more research. Since these are pretty simple searches I would suppose that anything over 5 seconds would be considered a high slow query time for my application.