What are ON.* files?

Apologies if this is a silly question, but I cannot seem to identify what "ON.* files are. I have an “ON.index” file and numerous “ON.0000*” files in my datadir directory. What are these files?

You have log-bin = ON in your my.cnf. This parameter, log-bin specifics the naming pattern of your binary logs. Remove the = ON.

Got it.
I see also (and just read up on it), that once the “=ON” is removed the binary log files are then named <server_name>-bin.######.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but since it appears binary logging is on by default, it appears there is no reason to have “log-bin” in the my.cnf file, unless I want to have the binary log files named something other than their default.
And concerning that, it appears the default name for binary log files (when nothing is included in the my.cnf file) is “binlog.######”. Is this correct?

Binary logging is only enabled by default in 8.0 and you never stated which version you are using. If you are on 8.0 then you are correct.

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Yes, sorry I left out that important detail. I am using version 8.0. Thanks again for the assistance.