Welsh Language character set

I’m looking for a MySQL character set file for the Welsh language, specifically for the purpose of sorting data in the Welsh language.

I’d hoped something would just be out there with someone having had the requirement before but couldn’t find anything.

Does anyone know of anything? or anyone who could create us a MySQL character set?


Will utf8 or utf16 not work here? For sorting data, you need a collation, not a character set. You can store the data (character set) in raw binary, but to sort, you’d need to use either a binary collation, utf general collation, or language-specific collation.

I skipped some of thinking/research in the question. We do want a language specific collation but user collations are deprecated so we expect to need a character set + collation to do the same thing?

@matthewb - is there a different approach we can take based on that being deprecated?

The best approach is to see if any of the newer character sets and collations introduced in MySQL 8 can handle the language. You may want to open a bugs.mysql.com bug and ask them what they officially recommend.

Nothing in the documentation suggests MySQL has any support for Welsh but I’ll ask the question in that forum like you suggest - thanks.