Warning message about keyring component metadata query service in error.log

After upgrade the Percona MySQL 8.0.23 to 8.0.25 I see every night the warning in error log like this:
2021-08-23T21:00:02.911820Z 229549 [Warning] [MY013712] [Server] No suitable ‘keyring_component_metadata_query’ service implementation found to fulfill the request.

The next plugin is loaded automatically since version 8.0.24 of Oracle MySQL .
root@localhost[(none)]> show plugins;
| Name | Status | Type | Library | License |
| daemon_keyring_proxy_plugin | ACTIVE | DAEMON | NULL | GPL |

The keyring component is not installed:
root@localhost[(none)]> SELECT * FROM performance_schema.keyring_component_status;
Empty set (0.00 sec)

Do you know how to configure the server to prevent this message to be appear in the log?

Hello @Serhii_Bulieienko,
This is a known upstream bug MySQL Bugs: #103684: Warning issued when querying ps. keyring_component_status
We have to wait for Oracle/MySQL to publish a fix. Feel free to comment on the bug to increase awareness.