Using perconalabs/percona-xtrabackup docker container for streaming backup

Hi to all,
is it possible to use xtrabackup docker container to do a streaming backup to a remote server? I’ve tried to put the ssh parameters to the docker run command, but - clearly - without success. Then I’ tried to simply pass the parameter --stream=xbstream and wanted to capture stout to pipe it into ssh on the host, but I didn’t succeed either. Entering the container, I wanted to look what happens, but cat /proc/1/fd/1 does not show anything. So, is it right, that --stream=xbstream puts the backup to stdout? If so, is there any possibility to capture it on the docker-host? If not, is it possible to stream to ssh out of the container? A ping succeeds, so internet access is given inside the container.

I really would like to avoid saving the backup in a volume on the host because of low space respectively a big database.

thank you in advance


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