Using Grafana Authentication for PMM Client

Is it possible to use Grafana user/password authentication for PMM Client access? The error I get is:

Even though the server is reachable it does not look to be PMM server.
Check if the configured address is correct. Unexpected response code: 403 (

403 Forbidden


You don't have permission to access /v1/status/leader on this server.


Is there a way to make this work, or can only simple http authentication be used?

Hi gordan

Grafana does support basic auth ([url]Authentication HTTP API | Grafana documentation) and we’re looking to make this a seamless integration when we release PMM 2 next year.

So in that case I should use:

Username: Bearer

as the credentials I give to pmm-admin?

Hi gordan
I’m not sure myself - I’m asking whether someone from Development can review this and suggest a path forward. Watch for an update shortly, thanks!

Hi gordan! Unfortunately, the other method will not work because of other checks in the system.
So the only user/password is will work - the one you created during the PMM Server installation